Born in Brazil but raised global, Manoela is a London Based Creative Producer, VideoMaker and Photographer with international experience. Skilled in commercials, short film, branded content, music video, scripted & reality television and shooting abroad. She has worked at award winning production companies, and award winning projects. Currently she is signed with Black Dog Films, (part of RSA Films and Ridley Scott Creative Group) as Producer and Directors Representative.


Documentary Filmmaking at EICTV - Cuba

Contemporary Photography at EFTI - Madrid



Adam Leon (US), Loral Raphael (Sons of Raphael), Above Ground, Toby Dye, Jordan Vogts-Roberts, Marie Schuller, Greg Barnes, Tom Hingston, Jade Jackman, Tom Dream, Thomas James, Craig Moore, Grandmas, Meji Alabi, KC Locke, Sophia + Robert, Bradley & Pablo, Ben Falk, Adam Leon, Ben Hutton, Caito Ortiz (BR), Giuliano Cedroni (BR), Kiko Ribeiro (BR), Cassia Dian (BR), João Wainer (BR), Thales Banzai (BR).

Production Companies:

Across the Pond, Animal Kingdom (NYC), BossaNovaFilms (BR), Boutique Films (BR), Conspiração Films (BR), Prodigo Films (BR), WracK W+K, Black Dog Films, FAMILIA, FRIEND, Odelay Films, Tangerine Films, Pulse Films, Poisson Rouge Pictures, RSA Films.