Born in Brazil but raised global, Manoela is  a London Based Creative Producer, VideoMaker and Photographer with international experience. Skilled in commercials, short film, branded content, music video, scripted & reality television and shooting abroad. She has worked at award winning production companies, and award winning projects. 


Documentary Filmmaking at EICTV - Cuba

Contemporary Photography at EFTI - Madrid



Thomas James, Craig Moore, Grandmas, Meji Alabi, KC Locke, Sophia + Robert, Bradley & Pablo, Ben Falk, Adam Leon, Ben Hutton, Caito Ortiz, Giuliano Cedroni, Kiko Ribeiro, Cassia Dian, João Wainer, Thales Banzai.

Production Companies:

Across the Pond, Animal Kingdom (NYC), BossaNovaFilms (BR), Boutique Films (BR), Conspiração Films (BR), Prodigo Films (BR), WracK W+K, Blackdog Films, FAMILIA, FRIEND, Odelay Films, Tangerine Films, Pulse Films, Poisson Rouge Pictures, RSA Films.