RIGHT TO FIGHT (Working Title)

In Development

Directed by Jade Ang Jackman

Produced by Manoela Chiabai

In the year March 2020, just 1.4% of rape cases recorded by police in the United Kingdom resulted in a suspect being charged (or receiving a summons). In 2019 in Mexico, 1,812 women were murdered between January and July. Most of these cases never made it to court and suspects were not found.

Globally, cis-male violence against women and non-binary people is endemic. When the police fail you to who do you turn? In this documentary, we follow the stories of two women in different countries and in different circumstances. Yet, both are united by a desire to equip other women with knowledge of self-defence in response to the failures of the criminal justice system.

Ignored by the criminal justice system, this is a film about two women who takematters into their own hands... It is a film where we re-claim public space as if we were taught that we belonged there.

Through the two stories of women who run self defence groups, we bring to life the global epidemic of violence against women. Rather than presenting self-defence as an individualised solution, our short documentary highlights the accounts of unresolved sexual assaults as well as discussions re-imagining the possibilities for a more radical future. Here, we play with the fantasy of taking matters into our own hands and wondering what a world without cis-male violence might look like.