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Syntrex (Stills)


SYNTREX: PLACES // 2 – a multimedia exploration of the migration experience

Syntrex’s PLACES // 2 is a new collaboration with choreographer Magnus Westwell. The work explores the performative sense of ‘journey’, and the sensations which accompany physical migration. This show is expressed through multimedia and cross-disciplinary art forms in visionary ways, emphasising artists’ specialisms and honing their skills to form collaborative unity. PLACES // 2 showcases animation which is projected on abstract surfaces and structures; live electronic/acoustic music; and bold physical movement - the joining element of all the three art forms.

Syntrex is a London-based multimedia art collective dedicated to fusing experimental sound, moving image, choreography and technology. It was founded by creative duo Ieva Vaiti - composer and producer, and Amy Dang - visual artist, who both met at a residency for Curious Festival (part of the Barbican Centre event series).

The collective is particularly interested in creating site-specific, interactive experiences, integrating multi-channel live audiovisuals and choreographic compositions.

Although a relatively young collective, their recent work Places was received well - with sold out shows at TripSpace and Pickle Factory.

The team consists of creators:

Amy Dang - Animation (Co-Direction) @amyydone

Ieva Vaiti - Music (Co-Direction) @pikselsound

Magnus Westwell - Choreographer @magnuswestwell

Olivia Grassot- Dancer @olivia.grassot

Oscar Li - Dancer @hvlloumi

Camille Pouget - Costume Designer @camille.pouget

Manoela Chiabai - Producer @manoelachiabai

Christof Nicolin - Set Design & Installation

Stefan Iyapah (Boiler Room TV) - Additional Animation @stefan.iyapah Nicolee Tsin - Additional Animation @nicoleetsin

PLACES // 2 - Happened in September 14th 2019 at new East London venue - Silver Building.